Join the McDowell Foundation’s virtual Salon Series, Creating Community and Social Connection to Support Deep Understanding in Asynchronous Distance Learning on November 25, 7 to 8:30 p.m. Researcher Racquel Biem and guests will be discussing her research into ways distance learning can be strengthened in Saskatchewan. Her project explores how focusing on community and social connection can enhance the experience for teachers and students. Motivation for her research began before the COVID-19 pandemic, but her work couldn’t be timelier given the number of students and teachers thrust into online learning at the height of the pandemic.

Joining the virtual event for a panel discussion are Biem’s research supervisor, Dirk Morrison, an associate professor and graduate chair, curriculum studies at the University of Saskatchewan; Michael Barbour, associate professor of instructional design for the College of Education and Health Services at Touro University California in Vallejo, CA; and Linda Aspen-Baxter, associate director, Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation Professional Learning.

The event is being facilitated by the McDowell Foundation and will be of interest to teachers engaged in distance learning, including superannuates. To register, please email

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Paul Stinson · January 4, 2022 at 6:36 pm

Was interested in this presentation but was not able to have time to view it until the Christmas break.

Was appreciative to hear the research and discussion. I work in an online public school (SW DLC) that existed prior to the pandemic (my courseload is asynchronous online learning, for home-based middle school students – primarily math and science Gr7-8).

Some of the content and questions applied, and I would love to see more attention and resources devoted specifically understanding and supporting this context of education in Saskatchewan

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