> Research

The current and completed research projects represent countless hours of dedicated research by teachers and other educators in Saskatchewan. 

Written research findings are provided in PDF format so that they may be downloaded and shared. A list of all completed McDowell Projects is available here. 

Where available, videos are also included through the Saskatchewan Teachers Federation’s YouTube channel. Completed projects can also be accessed through the Emma Stewart Resources Centre of the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation.

In all uses of research material from this site, teachers and researchers are expected to cite appropriately the authors of the research and the McDowell Foundation.

> McDowell Research Award

The McDowell Foundation Research Award was introduced in 1998 to celebrate the work of individuals who have made outstanding contributions to educational research. In 2013, the Board of Directors restructured the McDowell Foundation Award to celebrate the outstanding contributions to educational research from a contributing research team.

> Salon Series

The Salon Series is designed to provide research teams with an opportunity to share their research and to engage community stakeholders in ongoing conversations about next steps. Each research project highlights partnerships by presenting their outcomes at one of our virtual Salon Series.