Researchers: Eric Walker, Melanie Breckon, Russ Munkler, Krista Sego, Cassandra Shangraw, Sara Stone, Jayden Wiebe

Greystone Heights School will embark on a research initiative studying the factors contributing to a sense of belonging among students and staff at Greystone Heights School. Led by educators, the project seeks to uncover the factors that contribute to a sense of belonging among students and staff at Greystone Heights School. 

Staff will use a collaborative appreciative inquiry approach to collectively imagine what teaching and learning would look like at Greystone Heights School if all staff and students felt a strong sense of belonging and then take action to make those futures a reality. 

This process will be interactive, meaning there will be two appreciative research cycles where teachers collect evidence about the types of activities, approaches, and paradigms implemented and will reflect on which practices are most worth continuing. This research project aims to empower the school community to explore and analyze strategies that enhance belonging among students and staff.