McDowell Foundation Funded Projects - 2023-24

The McDowell Foundation is pleased to announce the following projects have been approved for 2023-24. Congratulations to all the recipients and we look forward to sharing the results of this work next year!

#333 Leading Reconciliation in Rural Schools

Jade Ballek, Stacy Becker, Kim Fick, Jason Low and Angela Sparks – Researchers 

#334 Supporting Anxious Students through the High School to University Transition

Dr. Jenn de Lugt and M. Jolene Smith – Researchers 

#335 miyo ācimo: S/He Tells Good Stories for Jumping Fences and Crossing Barriers
Sheena Koops, Celeste Tootoosis and Lisa Ewack – Researchers

#336 Using Community-Based Participatory Action Research to Foreground Local Wisdom Traditions in the Creation of a Holistic and Culturally Sensitive Transition to Kindergarten
Jacquelene Gibbs – Researcher

#337 Making a Maker Community: Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century
Cristyne Hébert, Amy Singh, Trevor Hlushko and Aaron Warner – Researchers

#338 Innovation in the Classroom: An Exploration of Interdisciplinary Virtual Reality in Classrooms 
Michael Graham, Curtis Bourassa and Adam Wilson – Researchers

Superannuated Teachers of Saskatchewan 50th Anniversary Special Directed Call

#339 Towards and Understanding of Teachers’ Retirement Identity Transition in Saskatchewan
Jane Macleod, Sue Amundrud and Anna Wehrkamp – Researchers 

#340 Retired Teachers and Their Ongoing Contribution to Teaching and Learning in Saskatchewan
Janet Lowndes 
– Researcher

For more information on these projects or other McDowell Projects please visit our research page.

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