Thirtieth Anniversary of the McDowell Foundation

SASKATOON – Today marks the thirtieth anniversary of the Dr. Stirling McDowell Foundation, which has empowered thousands of Saskatchewan teachers to explore their passions, innovations, and creativity in support of students. The Foundation has funded more than 300 research projects and awarded over $2 million in grant dollars, directly impacting the professional lives of Saskatchewan teachers.

To celebrate this landmark anniversary, the Foundation invites you to join us at 3:45 today on Facebook Live for the launch of our #MF30for30 campaign.

The McDowell Foundation was established by the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation in 1991. The Foundation operates as an independent registered charitable organization, named in honour of Dr. Stirling McDowell, who had an ability to inspire both creativity and cooperation in education. His visionary work and internationally recognized research were only exceeded by his unwavering pride and passion for student learning and the teaching profession.

The Foundation’s projects and activities are focused on students and relevant to instruction in today’s classrooms. Teachers do research every single day, and the Foundation formalizes that process through the support and engagement of the STF and its 13,500 members.

The impact of the McDowell Foundation on teaching and learning, and on how research is understood within the province, cannot be overstated. The Foundation is unique in Canada in providing funds to teachers and other educators who go on to produce practical, professionally led research that has a direct impact on students and teachers in the classroom.

Over the years, the Foundation has supported projects focusing on early years education, language immersion, inclusive education, English as an additional language, mathematics, science, social justice and equity, fine arts, teacher well-being, and technology in education.

In 2017, the Foundation Board passed a motion committing to a path focused on truth and reconciliation. Since 2017, 50 percent of funded projects have directly addressed one or more of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s Calls to Action.

Over the course of the 2021-22 school year, we will be sharing stories about the McDowell Foundation through social media (#MF30for30) and on our website. As we celebrate 30 years of teacher-led research, we thank the researchers, donors, volunteers, and partners who have made this possible. Professional, autonomous, and Saskatchewan-made research brings deep value to education for teachers, students, families, and our province.


Facebook Live – McDowell Foundation’s 30th Anniversary Celebration

3:45 p.m.

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