Completed Projects

The projects listed on this page represent countless hours of dedicated research by teachers and other educators in the province. Whenever possible direct links to the final reports have been provided. All projects are available by request through the foundation.

In all uses of research material from this site, teachers and researchers are expected to cite appropriately the authors of the research and the McDowell Foundation.

To request a project report please email the foundation at


Organizational Learning for School Effectiveness

  • Researchers: Coral Mitchell, Irene Friesen, Joel Nostbakken, and Crystal Torgunrud

Initial Perceptions of Alternate School Year Pilot at E.D. Feehan High School

  • Researcher: Philip Anton

Planning Integrated Thematic Unites of Study

  • Researcher: Laura Kroeger

Supporting Literacy Instruction in Cross-Cultural Classrooms

  • Researchers: Angela Ward and Linda Wason-Ellam

Voices of Northern Teachers

  • Researchers: David W. Friesen and Jeff Orr

Aboriginal Students’ Writing

  • Researchers: Sherry Detchon, Sandra Harris, Bernice Odeen, and Lucy Howes

Improving the Social Skills of Children with Moderate Cognitive Challenges using Self-Evaluation via Videotape Feedback

  • Researchers: George D. Falk and Faithe C. Daniels

Adolescent Girls and Classroom Discourse 

  • Researchers: Heather Blair, Agnes Rolheiser, and Susan Reschny
  • Researcher: Brenda Tenold-Phillips

Collaborative Manipulative Mathematics Research: Teacher Role.

  • Researchers: Lillian Forsythe and Dr. Vi Maeers

Teaching Ecologically: Seeking New Ways

  • Researcher: Tom Molnar

Urban Aboriginal Students and ESL

  • Researcher: John Taras

Collaborative Action Research Investigating the Impact of an Experiential Learning Environment on Secondary Students

  • Researchers: Janice Hendy and Beth Warkentin 

Two Teachers’ Classroom Practice of Gender Equity

  • Researchers: Gillian Francis, JoAnn Bergsma, Dr. Ling Zhang, and Dr. Lorraine Cathro

Sexual Victimization: Strategies for Teachers Who Teach Children with Intellectual Disabilities

  • Researcher: Bobbi Shinske

A Process Approach to Reading and Writing: The One-year Journey of Eight Northern Middle Years Students

  • Researcher: Tim Caleval

Strategic Learning in Middle Years Basic Skills

  • Researchers: Stewart Forrester, Kevin Leschyshyn, Joann Simon, Connie Tenaski, Dr. R. Randhawa and Thelma Gunn

Hearing from our Kids: An Environmental Study

  • Researchers: Lorraine Stephanson and Louise Jones

The Development of Collegiality in Specialized Education Programs

  • Researchers: Sue Brooks, Dennis Flaherty, Katherine Flaherty, David Forbes, Grier Swerhone, Susan Kargut, Alicia Klopoushak, Kit Loewen, and Lorraine Stephanson

Implementation of the Grade Four Saskatchewan Arts Education Curriculum: An Action Research Study 

  • Researcher: Melanie Little

“Together Against All Odds”: Learning from Portraits of Teachers of “At Risk” Students

  • Researchers: Sandra Finney, David Friesen, Caroline Krentz, Sandra Garratt, Brenda Martin, Terri Mayne and Dianne Stark

Teacher Mentors: Teachers in Conversation

  • Researchers: Cort Dogniez, Lynn Fraser, Theresa Mudrik, Ann Tracey, Leo Yahyahkeekoot, Angela Ward, Linda Wason-Ellam, and Karla Jessen Williamson

Dynamic Harmonization in a School Restructuring Endeavour

  • Researcher: Jayne Hudson

Closing the Gap: Addressing the Attitudes and Experiences of Young Women in Physical Education Classes

  • Researchers: Patricia Avery, Tammy Girolami and Louise Humbert

Improving Self-Esteem: A Handbook for Teachers

  • Researchers:  Majella Gareau, Mary Koenig, Linda Cairns, Eric Harder, and Rosella Nelson

A Control Theory Approach to Student Management

  • Researchers: Jane Macleod, Callie Bourhis and Megan O’Shea

Pedagogical and Practical Implications of using More Children’s Literature in the Language Arts Program at Perdue Elementary School.

  • Researcher: Jessica Latshaw

Education Beyond Traditional Classroom Walls: Voices from the Valley

  • Researchers: Nick Forsberg, Twila Wilson, and Nancy Morrell

Reaching and Teaching Students At Risk: Voices from the Classroom

  • Researchers: Bruce Baldwin, Sandra Garratt, Brenda Martin, Terri Mayne, Colleen Meyer, Ronna Schweitzer, and Marg Smith-Windsor

Access to Art Through Viewer Response

  • Researcher: Debbie Noble

I’m Glad to Hear That: Listening, Learning and Lending in the Language Arts 10 Curriculum

  • Researchers: Maureen Braun, Jan Duncan, Marlyn Keaschuk, Greg Trithart, and Bonita Tucker

Talking in Circles

  • Researchers: Tim Beyak, Terry Cook, Cheryl Erlandson, Cathy Klombies, Russ Kushniruk, Gail McKenzie Wilcox, and Lori Woelke

Dreams and Involvement: A Black Lake Quest for 2000: Interpretations and Recommendations for Improved Teaching

  • Researchers: Ann Alphonse, Sheena Koops, and Joyce Mercredi

Project X (Excellence): Our “Jacob” Became “Our Jesus” 

  • Researcher: Loretta Tetreault

Giving Voice to Intercultural Teachers: Finding Common Ground Through Action Research Multicultural Books

  • Researchers: Linda Wason-Ellam, Angela Ward, Bev Adolph, Sue Barrett, Jan Butler, Sharon Champ, Betty Ferster, Betty Field, Lynn Fraser, Brett Jones, Alanna Lyle, Shelley Marciniak, Brenda Merasty, Bonnie Stephenson, Edith Robinson, Ann Tracey Wason-Ellam, Linda Elliott, and Ruth Elliott.

An Examination of Teaching Affective Skills in Isolation Using the “Quality Intelligence Connection” Program

  • Researchers: Roberta Amos, Darlana Bailey, Elaine Beres, Michael Gatin, Charlene Hickie, Susan Muir, Bev Podborochynski, and Paul Watson

Welcoming Back the Wilderness: Impact of a School Naturalization Project upon a School and Its Community

  • Researchers: Gary Pennington and Aline Wilkie

The Internet as a Teaching and Learning Tool

  • Researcher: Diane Hanson

Building Bridges – At Risk Youth: Developing an Alternative Learning Environment to Help Build Success

  • Researcher: Catherine Hamblin

Project “X” (Excellence) – Phase II: “The Brain Activating Oasis”

  • Researcher: Loretta Tetreault

Integrating Technology into Subject Areas

  • Researcher: Sharon Mayall

Teaching and Assessing Middle-Years Students’ Speaking and Listening Skills

  • Researchers: David Wipf, Tammy Jung, and Heidi Osterwalder

The Changing Role of Grade One, Two, and Three Teachers as an Innovative Computer Project is Implemented

  • Researchers: Deborah Miket, Doug Gilmour, Christine Todd, Judy Byers, Terry Clark, Janet Racine, and Donna Nazar

An Action Research Report: Connecting Wanuskewin and Saskatchewan Schools

  • Researchers: Doug Smith and Sam Robinson

A Picture is  Worth a Thousand Words

  • Researchers: Karen Campbell, Marg Epp, Betty Lee, Velma Loewen, Donna Nelson, Alana Raison, Wayne Shiels, and Bob Thomas 

Beyond Duty: A Compilation of Teachers’ Roles and Responsibilities with “At Risk” Youth in Saskatchewan Secondary Schools

  • Researcher: Sharlene McGowan

Primary School Language Intervention – A Window of Opportunity 

  • Researchers:  Laurie Parbst and Linda Spice 

In-School Suspension – Is It Working?

  • Researchers: Michele Smith and Roza Gray

An Individualized Computer-Assisted Language Experience Remedial Reading Inquiry: Can Inner-City Students Make the Grade?

  • Researchers: Mary Anne Gambell and Gail Neurauter Sajtos

Exploring Identity and Social Justice through Drama in Schools

  • Researcher: Rhonda Rosenberg

Home Reading Program for Grade One

  • Researchers: Grade One Teachers Jubilee and Lakeview Elementary Schools (Meadow Lake)

Project Q.E.: Encouraging Habits of Mind – Phase I

  • Researchers: Queen Elizabeth School Teachers

Succeeding with Job Sharing in Elementary Classrooms: A Resource

  • Researcher: Shannon Ochs

Writing Our Way: Narrative Inquiry and a Teaching, Writing Life

  • Researchers: Lace Brogden, Myra Froc, Laureen Hudyma, Gillian Lawson, Cheryl Matei, and Joan Sabo

Primary School Language Intervention – A Window of Opportunity 

  • Researchers: Ecole Alex Wright School Staff 

Reflections on Implementing Traditional Dene Teaching Methods, Skills and Values: Success Redefined

  • Researchers: Sheena Koops, Ann Alphonse, and Joyce Mercredi

Creating a Safe Place: One School’s Experience

  • Researchers:  The Staff of Queen Elizabeth School, Saskatoon

Developing Secondary Students’ Mathematical Understanding

  • Researchers: Florence Glanfield, Darlene Baczuk, and Ann Oviatt 

Montgomery Innovative School Project Part I & Part II

  • Researchers: Montgomery School Teaching Staff

Reshaping Classroom and School Contexts: Learning from Stories of Aboriginal Children and Families

  • Researchers: Janice Huber, Jean Clandinin, Marilyn Huber, Karen Keats Whelan, Dawna Labbé, Shaun Murphy, and Pam Steeves

Moving Together: Understanding the Implementation of the Elementary Physical Education Curriculum

  • Researchers: Louise Humbert, Kenna Berezowski, Sharon Biss, Dave Derksen, Elaine Dubrey, Sherry Goulden, Tammy Girolami, Theresa Mudryk, Grace Poettker, Val Regier, Kerry Staples, and Tammy Wilson

It’s O.K. to Have This Book in Your Public School Library

  • Researcher: Kim Tadei

A New Path: Helping Regular Classrooms Support Lasting Change in Students with Behavioural Challenges 

  • Researcher: Tami L. Moffatt

Content Enhancement: Strategies to Actualize the Adaptive Dimension

  • Researchers: Marilyn Allen, Brent Okrainetz, Lloyd Rey, and Donna Schindel

Technological Skills in the Research Process

  • Researchers: Cindy Bretell, Colette Fischer, Maria Furgiuele, Gina Melnyk, and Brent Okrainetz

Is Surviving Enough? A Study on Mentoring Programs

  • Researchers: Darryl Elaschuk, Marea Olafson, and Ellen Owens

The Key to Writing 

  • Researchers: Davina Fortin and Lisa Gorchynski

Project Q.E.: Encouraging Habits of Mind, Part II

  • Researchers: Queen Elizabeth School Staff

The Yellow Bus Project 

  • Researcher: Diana Clarke

Multi-age Teaching

  • Researchers: Westmount Community School Staff

Photobooks as a Shared Home-Reading Tool

  • Researchers: Prekindergarten, Kindergarten, Grade One, and Grade Two Teachers at St. Francis Community School, Regina

A Descriptive Study of Retention and Attrition of Teachers in Northern Lights School Division #113

  • Researcher: Mark Williment

The Effects of Social Skills Groups During and After Periods of Regular Group Meetings

  • Researchers: Bev Brenna and Gail Sajtos

A Flexible Approach to Math Instruction in the Middle Years

  • Researchers: Doug Schmitz, Gerri Perrault, Jean Paul Barker, Kent Gauthier, and Diane Côté

Herchmer Community School “Learning For All” Pilot Project

  • Pat Corbin, Brenda Olliver, Connie Newton, Cheryl Nicklin, Simone Verville, and Dr. James MacIntosh.

Beyond the Mouse and Modem: Teacher Technology Implementation in Saskatchewan

  • Researchers: Karen Schmidt Henderson, Wendy James, and René Cannon

Connecting the Dots: The Link Between Professionalism and Teaching Practice

  • Researchers: Lorrie Anne Harkness, Bev Haugen, Jackie Kirk, and Pat Lyster 

Towards a Culture of Continuous Deliberation: Professional Development through Professional Dialogue

  • Researchers: Deborah Mann and Trudy Capes

Circles of Learning: Inquiry Discourse Communities 

  • Researchers: Janet McVittie, Kathy Probert, and Marcia Klein

Developing New Learning Experiences: Activities for High School Sciences that Integrate Computer Interface Technology

  • Researchers: Rhonda Phillips and Warren Wessel

Respecting and Responding to the Voices of Aboriginal Students

  • Dr. Richard Julien, John Hansen, and Norine Tourangeau.

Making Our Ancestors Proud: The Isbister Park Heritage Project

  • Researchers: Westview Community School Kistapinanihk at Isbister Park

Professional Growth for Cooperating Teachers

  • Researcher: Shannon Ochs

Different Minds Learn Differently

  • Researchers: Nicole Smigiel, Kari McKersie, Joyce Kimber Parent, and Tasha Geisel

Moving Together: Schoolplus and Physical Activity

  • Researchers: Dave Derksen and the Buena Vista Schoolplus Action Research Team

Building Attachment: Refugee Students’ Reflections on English as a Second Language Integration

  • Researcher: Koreen Geres

Valuable People/Valuable Knowledge

  • Researchers: Keith Harkness, Dale Eurich, Dave Howie, Dale Issel, Jim Swan, Pat Vigneron, Mike Weaver

Re/viewing Character Education

  • Researchers: Jody Hobday-Kusch, Megan Hernberg, Gillian Strange, Heather Bahr, Anne Ferrè, Sharie Parkinson, and Tanya Thornhill

Nourishing Growth: The Search for Effective Technology Professional Development

  • Researchers:  Wendy James, Karen Schmidt Henderson, René Cannon

Supporting All Students to be Successful (PBIS): One Rural K-12 School’s Story

  • Researchers: Lori Jeschke, Janet Jackson, Staff & Students at Hepburn School

Readiness as it Pertains to Scholarship Success

  • Researcher:  Darlene Kidd

Below the Radar: Teachers, Boys and Schools

  • Researchers: Jeff Park, Sam Robinson, Anne Browne, Vicki Summerfeldt, Mark Wilderman, Barry Gay, and Al Luciuk 

Community Schools Transition Support Project

  • Researchers: Terry Cratty, Belinda Daniels-Fiss, Sharon Laflamme, Ben Garchinski, and Beverley Hanson

Voices of the Dropout: A Study of Early School Leavers at one First Nations School

  • Researchers: Joseph Belhumeur, Rick Closs, and Mario Kaun

Addressing Barriers That Impede the Success of Aboriginal Students at Cochrane High School

  • Researchers: Juanita Tuharsky, Nancy Buisson, Sue Burns, Cory Britton, Greg Enion

Building Moral Intelligence One Piece at a Time

  • Researchers: The Staff of Queen Elizabeth School, Saskatoon

Challenges to Implementing Inquiry: In the Senior Science Classroom

  • Researcher: Duane Johnson

Summer Literacy Program

  • Researchers: Lois Scandrett and Laurie Hellings

Que(e)rying Inclusive Practice: Exploring and Challenging Homophobia in Curricula and Schools

  • Researchers: Dr. James McNinch, Dr. Scott Thompson, and Marilyn Totten

Building Bridges in a Community: Teaching Literacy through a Community Newsletter Project

  • Researcher: Keith Jorgenson

Evan Hardy Collegiate Literacy Initiative

  • Researchers: The Evan Hardy Collegiate Literacy Committee

“Collaborating to Make a Difference”: The Adaptive Dimension and Differentiating Instruction in Saskatoon Catholic French Schools

  • Researchers: Hélène Cook and Elaine Stakiw

Parent Engagement and Leadership

  • Researchers: Debbie Pushor and Claudia Ruitenberg with co-researchers at Princess Alexandra Community School

Building Moral Intelligence One Piece at a Time, Phase II

  • The Staff of Queen Elizabeth School, Saskatoon

Learning How to Learn in an Information Age

  • Researcher: Linda Nosbush

Creating a Culturally Affirming Learning Community

  • Researchers: Yves Bousquet and Ted Amendt

Teaching Aboriginal Literature Through the Lenses of Contemporary Literacy Theories

  • Researcher: Geraldine Balzer

Enhancing Learning in Grade 9 Mathematics

  • Researchers: Heather Corbin and Leah Constable

Do Gender Specific Classrooms Increase the Success of Students?

  • Researchers: Dave DePape, Harry Horejda, Sarah Kukurudza, Stacey Moser, and Renée Kammer

The Efficacy of Vision Therapy in the Kindergarten Setting

  • Researchers: Louise McCulloch, Judy Richards, and Dr. Barbara Patterson 

F.U.E.L (Foods Used Effectively for Living): Promoting Healthy Food and Nutrition Choices among High School Children

  • Researchers: Joyce Polowski, Carol Henry, and Susan Whiting 

Restorative Action in the Elementary School: A Community-Based Approach to Peace-Building and Conflict Resolution

  • Researchers: Michaela Keet, Krista Memory, and Cindy Keet

Fostering Stewardship of the Saskatoon Natural Grasslands in Our Students and Community through Character and Environmental Education

  • Researchers: Bruce Arthur, Krista Ford, Isabelle McCrea, Kim McGinnis, Heather Muirhead, and Donna Nazar

Measuring the Effects of Literacy Growth in Mathematics, 2004-2005

  • Researchers: The Mayfair Community School Teaching Staff and Michael Bradford

Differentiated Instruction to Support Literacy in the Primary Grades

  • Researchers: Myra Dunbar, Cynthia Foster, and Jenise Vangool

Guided Reading: Philosophical and Practical Direction

  • Researchers: Shannon Hahn, Doreen Rathgeber, and Mandy Mehling

Building Literacy Skills through Reading Buddies

  • Researchers:  Jasmin Tiessen and Dawn Dust

Expanding Horizons: Development of Best Practices through a Rural Networking Process

  • Researchers: Heather Hobbs and Sharon Connor

Guided Reading to Improve Instruction in a Grade One Classroom

  • Researchers: Sheila Dosch and Mary Ellen Barreth

READ (Read, Enjoy, Appreciate, and Discuss): An After School Reading Program

  • Researchers: Joni Darke, Karen Lind, and Joanne Vonau

Instructional Strategies and Story Experiences for Improving Expressive Language in Kindergarten and Grade Give Buddy Classrooms

  • Researchers: Kathleen Herman, Shawna LaRocque-Desjarlais, and Janet Peti

Cross-Cultural Science and Technology Units for Northern Saskatchewan Schools

  • Researchers: Glen Aikenhead, Gloria Belcourt, Morris Brizinski, Lester Gardiner, David Gold, Keith Lemaigre, Shaun Nagy, and Earl Stobbe

Assessing the Hard to Assess: Student Learning in a Middle Years Outdoor Environmental School

  • Researchers: Janet McVittie, Arlene Lazecki, Shelly Loeffler, and Scott Thompson
  • Researcher: JoAnne Kasper
  • Researchers: JoAnne Kasper, Jackie Etcheverry, Barb Lilly, Lori Rissling, and Brenda Sparrow

Refocusing a School: The Professional Learning Community as an Agent of Change

  • Researchers: Grier Swerhone, Doug Gilmour, and Susan Pattison

Using Photobooks to Increase Family Involvement in the Learning and Teaching of Mathematics

  • Researchers: Prekindergarten and Kindergarten Classrooms at St. Francis Community School in Regina

The Effect of Small Space Physical Activity on School Performance

  • Researchers: Dr. Brenda Kalyn, Dr. Teresa Paslawski, Cole Wilson, Terry Kikcio, and Dorothy MacPhedran 

Healthy Souls: Our Journey Towards a Health Promoting High School

  • Researchers: M. Louise Humbert, Dwight Kirkpatrick, Lauren Sulz, and the Healthy Souls Team at Evan Hardy Collegiate

Learning Together: Intergenerational Literature Circles as Sites for Multilayered Learning

  • Researchers: Lynn Lemisko and Margaret Epp

Ace It! An Action-Based Research Project Integrating Arts, Christian Ethics and English

  • Researcher: Barb Wotherspoon

Exploring Cognitive Strategy Instruction (CSI), Schema-Based Instruction (SBI), and Strategic Content Learning (SCL) with Students with Learning and Developmental Disabilities in Higher-Order Mathematics: Two Interrelated Action Research Projects

  • Researchers: Kelly Howell Dalziel, Lara Grismer, and Dr. Scott Thompson 

A School-Based Study on the Relationship Between Increased Literacy Levels and School Attachment

  • Researchers: Fay Elke, Ian Krips, Lori Gonzalez, and Shaun McEachern 

The Road to Finding Rewarding Careers for Youth with Cognitive Disabilities

  • Researchers: Vickie Reiman and Patricia Walker

Opportunities to Learn: Engaging Students in Conversation about Literacy 

  • Researchers: Angela Ward, Marg Epp, with the Prairie Spirit School Division Teacher Team

Seeking Educational Opportunities for the Gifted: From Community Service to Service Learning

  • Researchers: Larue Chan, Dennis Flaherty, Katherine Flahert, Lisa Kalesnikoff, Alicia Klopoushak, Joel Nostbakken, Michelle Pantel, Heather Reid, Steven Vincent and Susan Voitka-Seager
  • Researcher: Rob Kraft

Student Assessment for Teaching and Learning: Teacher Perceptions and Practices.

  • Researchers: Stephen Kemp and David Friesen

Towards Successful Teacher Induction through Communities of Practice 

  • Researchers: Janine Baier, Chris Makahonuk, Michael Pesenti, Michelle Prytula, and Nicole Syrota

Elders and Teachers Are Cree-ative Collaborators

  • Researcher: Lily McKay-Carriere

Involving Community Members to Develop Culturally Relevant Word Lists for First Nations and Métis Students 

  • Researchers: Minnie McKenzie, Leda Corrigal and Otto Fietz
  • Researchers: Linda Goulet, Sarah Longman, Joanne Pelletier, Shauneen Pete, and Calvin Racette
  • Researchers: Kathy Enns, Tish Karpa, and Myrna Briggs Enns

Unleashing the Power of Collective Intelligence 

  • Researchers: Terri Coté, Heather Gantefoer, Adam Ward, Vi Maeers, Beth Warkentin, Twyla Mensch, and Wendy Willis
  • Researchers: Beth Campbell, Susan Campbell, and Marcia Klein

Moving for a Change: Working to Make Physical Education Meaningful for Students and Teachers

  • Researchers: Tammy Girolami, Rick Bowes, Jesse Reis, Darla Lee Walder, Sarah Hills, and Louise Humbert

What Really Matters in Family Literacy – Year One

  • Researchers: Linda Wason-Ellam and Joanie Crandall

Youth Yoga: Starting Off on the Right Foot – Engaging the Active and Under Focused Learner

  • Researchers: Chantelle Kinakin and Michelle Lockinger 

Guided Reading Strategies to Improve Students’ Critical Thinking Skills in Grades Three, Four, and Five

  • Researchers: Lorrie Bolton, Lori Larsen, Jocelyn Olson, and Sherrill Verhelst

The Relationship Between the Assessment Process and Children’s and Teachers’ Knowledge and Identity in Mathematics  

  • Researchers: Karen Campbell, Cindy Clarke, Cory Cox, Florence Glanfield, Shaun Murphy, Kristi Nelson, Trish Reeve, and Karen Storey

K-Grade 3: Improved Literacy Success Through Assessment and Evaluation

  • Researchers: Melanie Coderre, Maureen Cooney, Patsy Ernst, Anita Gelner, Kylee Glover, Marjorie Hanson, Karen Knox, Sandy Laturnas, Michella Prokop, Patricia Reed, Shelley Rowein, Karen Satre, Tammy Schurko, Crysta Selinger, and Judy Thue

From Fabric to Quilt: Adaptability in Teaching EAL Students from a Classroom Teacher’s Perspective

  • Researcher: Margaret Symon-Lungal

Professional Development on Individuals Engaged in Preservice Teacher Education within a Rural Setting

  • Researchers: Randy Albers, Melissa Ball, Donna Boake, Megan Boake, Keri Elmy, Patrick Escanlar, Tammy Fleury, Milissa Gavel, Lauren Hearn, Crystal Karius, Ann Kipling Brown, Laurie Koval, Melanie Kreklewich, Brandy Lechner, Chad Lechner, Lisa Lenkart, Darla Nashiem, Janine Neufeld-Ruetz, Jan Niebergall, Gail Simpson and Norman Yackel

St. Francis School Writing Project: A School Wide Program to Improve the Writing Skills of Grade 1 to Grade 8 Students

  • Researchers: Mark Cantin, Renee Featherstone, Tina Mohr, Rod Orieux, Aimee Osmundson, and Bev Scheirer

Ochapan: Elders’ and Students’ Perspectives of the Elders in Residence Program

  • Researchers: Russell Fayant, Linda Goulet, Sarah Longman, Joanne Pelletier, Shauneen Pete, and Calvin Racette
  • Researchers: Carol Fulton and Melissa Marley 
  • Researchers: Arleme Prestie and Cindy Smith in consultation with Michelle Morley and Kathy Nolan

Sustainable Successful Teacher Induction: From Praxis to Practice

  • Researchers: Michelle Prytula, Chris Makahonuk, Nicole Syrota, Michael Pesenti, Courtney Archibald, Jason Benson, Laura Froelich, Kent Gauthier, Laura Goodman, Laurie Hellsten, Bonnie Mihalicz, and Jenise Vangool

Using Digital Narratives with Refugee and Immigrant Youth to Promote Literacy, Healing and Hope

  • Researcher: Koreen Geres

Web 2.0 to Go! A Study of Technology Integration to Improve Student Engagement in Social Studies

  • Researchers: Michelle Smart, Dana Hamilton, and Devin Aspinall

Circles of Inquiry: Creating a Culture of Inquiry to Enhance Early Learning

  • Researchers: Marg Epp, Lynn Lemisko, Patricia Peech, Samantha Mirwald, Heather Baergen, Mary Loewen, Jacquie Thiessen, Susan Westmacott, and Heather Grismer

Professional Development on Individuals Engaged in Pre-Service Teacher Education Within a Rural Setting: Phase II

  • Researchers: Milissa Gavel, Ann Kipling Brown, Lisa Lenkart, and Norman Yakel

Journeying Toward Student Success for Immigrant Students in French Immersion

  • Researchers: Gisèle Jean-Bundgaard and Ronald Sirois

Investigating How Collaborative Practice Affects Teacher Skills and Attitudes: Using SMART Boards for Teaching and Learning in the Classroom

  • Researchers: Laureen Booth, Amy Weiman, Lesley Holtby, Becky Anderson, Robyn Doell, Frances Weber in collaboration with Melody Viczko

What Really Matters in Family Literacy? Phase Two of a Saskatchewan Based Inter-Organizational Research Project. Developed for the Saskatchewan Family Literacy Research Panel

  • Researcher: Linda Wason-Ellam

Collaborative and Co-Teaching Practices and Reflections in a Secondary School Setting

  • Researchers: Lois Keller and Colleen Noris
Teacher Induction and Learning Through a Professional Development School: The St. Anne Inquiry-Based Learning Community
  • Researchers: Michelle Prytula, Darren Fradette, Bonnie Mihalicz, Cari Anning, Jayla Irvine and Paul McTavish

Effectively Supporting the Professional Development and Growth of Teachers

  • Researchers:  Jennifer Dorval and Susan Plant

Dynamic Collaboration: Improving Continuity in Writing Through an Extended PLC

  • Researchers:  Michelle Prytula, Rob Revering, Kari Weiman, Blaise Kirchgesner, and David Burgess
  • Researchers: Paula D. Fortier and Marielle Hamon
  • Researchers: Tammy Boychuk and Bing Cui

Early Education Reading Intervention of ELL Students 

  • Researchers: Diana Jemieff, Barb Ludba, and Corey Holowachuk

Developing a Collaboartive Intellectually Engaged Team to Support Reading Comprehension

  • Davin Hildebrand, Cheryl Treptow, Andrea Pearson, Michelle Hildebrand, and Daryl Pearson

Using Traditional Aboriginal Teachings and the Leader in Me (7 Habits) Concept to improve Communication and Technology Skills in the Nehiyawewin Cree Language and Culture Program

  • Researchers: Norine Tourangeau, Sheila Kennedy and Lesley Walters

Biology 20: Student Engagement and Achievement using Problem based Learning through an Outdoor Education Lens

  • Researchers: Kris Fortner, Erin Hill, Mark Perry and Sean Brandt

Bridging the Professional Learning Gap: Enhancing the Beginning Teacher Experience Through an Induction-By-Mentoring Model

  • Researchers: Lynn Lemisko, Laurie-ann M. Hellsten, and Carol Demchuk-Kosolofski

Ē-kiwēyitotamāhk Kitāyisinēwinānāw – Reclaiming Our Cree Language Through Oral Tradition

  • Researchers: Diane Peekeekoot, Charlotte Campbell, Emily Weenonis, and Shaun Saskamoose 
  • Researcher: Scott Allen

Using Teacher Collaboration to Increase Student Engagement

  • Researchers: Paul McTavish, Moira Hamm, Michelle Brochu, Audrey Gavlas, Jon Pedersen, Cherie Wilke-Priel
  • Researchers: Lois Keller and Karon Guttormson

Exploring Experiences of Educators of Students with Bi-Polar Diagnoses

  • Researcher: Erin Richard

Identifying Consistent Supports for First Nations, Inuit, and Métis Adult Learners at Royal West Campus

  • Researchers: Kim MacLeod, Cody Dill, and Deidra Evans

Their Voices: What High School Students are Saying About School-Related Anxiety

  • Dr. Jenn de Lugt and Jenn Chan


Moving Into the 21st Century With Second-Language Learning

  • Researchers: Dana Sanders and Tina Anderson

Exploring the Work of Treaty Catalyst Teachers in Selected Saskatchewan Schools

  • Researchers: Brandon Needham and Michael Cottrell

Instructional Leaders Supporting Implementation of Effective Literacy Instruction

  • Researchers: Jennifer Dorval, Dawn Paylon, Anita Dolan, Susan Plant, Cheryl Treptow, and Kristin Becotte

Creating Opportunities for Using Family Funds of Knowledge to Support Literacy Skills

  • Researchers: Callie Lewry and Sharla Currie

    Treaty4Project: Student’s Perceptions of Their Relationship to Treaty 4 and First Nation’s People

    • Researchers: Naomi Fortier-Fréçon and Leia Laing

    To Thrive and Flourish: Supporting Beginning Teachers Through an Induction-by-Mentoring Approach in Rural Saskatchewan 

    • Researchers: Lynn Lemisko, Laurie-ann M. Hellsten, and Carol Demchuk-Kosolofski

    High School Teachers Working Towards Reconciliation: Examining the Teaching and Learning of Residential Schools

    • Researchers: Tana Mitchell and Jennifer Tupper

    Using Video Analysis as Formative Assessment in the Physical Education Classroom

    • Researcher: Russell Munkler

    Teachers Leading Teachers: The Saskatchewan Professional Development Unit’s Facilitator Community

    • Researcher: Dr. Pamela Osmond-Johnson

    The Journey to Reclamation Through Oral Tradition

    • Researchers: Diane Peekeekoot and Charlotte Campbell

    Breaking out of the ‘textbox’- Increasing land based learning

    Culture Based School Mathematics for Reconciliation and Professional Development

    • Researchers: Sharon Meyer, Glen Aikenhead, Kelley Cardinal, Danny Sylvestre and Ted View

    Collaborative Ecological Consultation: Psychologist, Classroom Teacher, and Embedded Interventions

    • Researcher: Tammy Ferguson 

    Smooth Transitions: Integrating a High School and Teacher Education Program

    • Researchers: Twyla Salm, Jennifer Minter, and Lisa Williams

    History Underground: The Road to Reconciliation

    • Researchers: Denee Repski

    Cross-Cultural Collaboration and Belonging in an Islamic School

    • Researchers: Kari Krug, Asmaa Olwan, Nosiba Abdalla, Sabreena Haque, Ghufran Lababidi, and Kassandra Campbell 

    Improving Indigenous Students’ Success Through an Analysis and Implementation of Promising Teaching Practices

    • Researchers: Terry Craig and Cheryl Treptow 

    Promising Practices for Meaningful Family Engagement

    • Researchers: Carly Robson Gilchrist, Pamela Sawatzky, and Amber Thompson 

    Developing Sense of Belonging

    • Researchers: Michael Radford, Amy Campbell, and Scott Thompson

    Breaking Out of the Textbox – Increasing Outdoor Learning

    • Researcher: Nicole Turner
    • Researchers: Dr. Madeline Press, Dr. Suzanne Zwarych, TJ Zwarych, Alex Owilli, and Josee Bumphrey 

    Student Voice Project to Improve Sense of Belonging in Middle Years Classrooms

    • Researchers: Kelli Fredlund, Kelly Gibson, Chrisa Farrell, and Chantelle Balicki

    How does a Teacher Incorporate Place-Based First Nations Way of Living in Nature in a Classroom to Teach High School Science in a Northern Reserve School?

    • Researchers: Nadeeka Obada Lekamlage and Geraldine Red Iron with Gratitude to Canoe Lake Miksew School,  North West College, and Transition Place Education Centre

    A Narrative Inquiry into the Experiences of Indigenous High School Students Enrolled within a Youth Leadership Pathway

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    A Relationship of Harmony & Success: Improving Engagement

    • Researchers: Candace Chicilo, Marlyse Barilla, and Diana Porter

    Creating Community and Social Connection to Support Deep Understanding in Asynchronous Distance Learning

    • Researcher: Racquel Biem

    Partnerships of Change: Transforming Language in Three-Way Conferences for English as an Additional Language Student Success

    • Researchers: Shawna Jurgens, Brenden Kroeger, Dr. Zhi Li, Dr. Hyunjung Shin, Shannon Storey, Julia Daantos, and Xiaoxue Xie

    K-12 Saskatchewan Distance Education: Digging Deeper into 21st Century Classrooms During a Pandemic

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    George Gordon First Nations Mîkiwahp Project: Our Learning Story

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    Exploring Refugee Children’s Pre- and Post-Migration Educational Experiences

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    Pandemic Thrivers – Investigating Thriving Teacher’s Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes During the First Two Years of the COVID-19 Pandemic

    • Researchers: Ivy Armstrong and Dr. Judy Jaunzems-Fernuk 

    Understanding the Perspectives of Teachers Who Engage in Regular Physical Activity and Subsequent Implications on Teacher Well-Being