Researchers: Jen Green and David Popoff

Visible and Valued: Exploring the Stories of Queer Teachers in Saskatchewan is a study that will provide a written record and history of the experiences of Queer Teachers in the province of Saskatchewan. Frequently, queer teachers have been in situations where they were not visible or valued members of the larger community but rather, they were in a position where they needed to hide who they are. The stories are an important part of the history of this province, specifically in education, as many had to struggle with hiding their identity. It’s a record of a struggle and hopefully victory. If we are not willing to listen to the stories and preserve them going forward, this struggle will be forgotten. 

Teachers have been in situations that are not healthy as they have not been able to be completely themselves. We recognize that we want our students to feel accepted for who they are, but it’s easy to ignore the teacher in the room. By denying a piece of a person’s identity, it minimizes their role and struggle. It marginalizes. Telling these stories is an act of resistance as we seek to validate and support teachers who have worked hard to pave the way for a new generation of educators who maybe do not have to hide. This is intended to be a living document, in the form of a book and a corresponding database website that will preserve an important and overlooked part of our history of education and as such can work as a change agent to create improved conditions for the Queer teachers of our province. Hopefully, growing out of this project will come recommendations for lasting change in the working conditions of Queer Teachers.