The Wuchusk or Muskrat Project

Researchers: Renée Carrière and Dr. Tim Jardine
October 2016

The objectives of this project have been established to include but are not limited to the following: 

  • To advance the bridging of Indigenous and Western science knowledge. 
  • To promote the modelling of land-/place-based teaching pedagogy and practices with science curriculum. 
  • To increase high school science credit attainment rates for Indigenous students. 
  • To include students and community in wetland management research. 
  • To encourage Indigenous students to enroll and participate in science-related careers and occupations. 
  • To develop pride in culture, tradition, language, and livelihoods. 

The following are activities that were used in gathering and presenting research information: 

  •  The recording and transcribing by students of elder trapper interviews. 
  • Student and elder photography. 
  • Student wetland studies including GPS work, plant identification, collection, displaying, and weighing. 
  • Movie presentation of this project’s photos. 
  • Student/teacher/community participation in wetland management policy development.

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