Notice of Intent for Special Directed Call Indigenous Education -Officially on June 30, 2021, our former Administrative Assistant, Nora Worby, retired from the McDowell Foundation. As a part of her retirement gift, we wanted to honour her and her work over the years as our Administrative Assistant.
At her request, Nora’s special Directed Call will focus on both Indigenous and non-indigenous students. As we all participate through the journey of Truth and Reconciliation, a part of our mandate is to raise awareness of the history and creation of the residential school system, its ongoing legacy, and how it has shaped the country we live in today. This was of particular importance to Nora, and her special Directed Call will further the work in this area.
This Notice of Intent will focus on how to further incorporate Indigenous ways of knowing, language, and history into our classrooms. Projects exploring Indigenous language instruction, treaty and pre-treaty education, and decolonizing the classroom will be eligible.
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