Researcher: Janet Lowndes

Superannuated Teachers of Saskatchewan 50th Anniversary Special Directed Call.

The purpose of this study is to raise awareness within the profession of the extraordinary resource that is represented by retired teachers. Those teachers who chose to return to teaching, whether as substitute teachers or contract instructors, have benefited from years of in-school and provincial professional development courses and have experienced teaching a range of students and subjects, providing them with materials and insights they can pass onto their less experienced colleagues. Other retired teachers developed a passion for educational research as a result of their teaching experiences and training and they choose to more deeply engage in educational research to improve the teaching and learning environment. Others use their experience to serve as consultants or lead school in-services. There are also those who chose to continue to serve their profession outside of the school, working with Saskatchewan Teachers Federation (STF), local chapters of the Superannuated Teachers of Saskatchewan (STS), or the McDowell Foundation.

Through a series of interviews with the retired teachers and the school and organizational communities they serve, this project will paint a picture of the contribution made by retired teachers and highlight suggestions made by participants of how to encourage more retirees to participate in a manner that benefits the schools, organizations, and teaching profession.