Managing Student Stress During COVID-19

Researchers: Brent Keen and Angela Csiki

The focus of our project was to discover how effectively we can mitigate students’ stress over the COVID-19 pandemic using strategies that promoted mindfulness.

Our objective was to measure how successfully we could reduce students’ stress levels using three different strategies related to self-regulation:

  • Students practice self-regulation through daily mindfulness strategies to help reduce stress.
  • Students spend part of their day outdoors. The purposes are twofold: to reduce the possibility of transmitting the COVID-19 virus and to have students work in an environment conducive to reducing stress.
  • Students will be empowered to take some ownership of their classroom routines and school practices to limit the spread of
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To share our research with the broadest audience possible, we have created a
website that contains video, photos, descriptions of the research, and our results.