Instructional Leaders Supporting Implementation of Effective Literacy Instruction

Researchers: Jennifer Dorval, Dawn Paylon, Anita Dolan, Susan Plant, Cheryl Treptow and Kristin Becotte.
October 2016

In this research, teachers and administrators were invited to engage in collaborative research alongside the Northwest School Division Reading Team. Each team member worked through their own journey alongside the collaborative reading team and with colleagues including teachers and administrators. The NWSD Reading Team was formed in 2014 and is comprised of passionate and skilled literacy leaders. 

As a team, we were excited to embark on a research project to support the reading initiative that came to fruition with the development of the Hoshin Kanri leading to the Education Sector Strategic Plan of the Northwest School Division. Our team is made up of two learning coaches, two administrators (both principals at elementary schools), one school-based instructional facilitator/literacy teacher and one Co-ordinator of Student Support Services. Representation of the team members are from the northern, southern and central areas of the Northwest School Division that ranges from Lashburn and Maidstone in the south, to St. Walburg and Turtleford in the central and Meadow Lake in the north.