Researchers: j. wallace skelton, Ashlee Sandiford, Hannah Paul, Alex Schmidt.

On August 22 2023, then Education Minister Dustin Duncan announced new policies that impacted what school staff are to do if a child under sixteen asks to be called by a different name or pronoun at school, requiring parents be informed about sexual health education, and prohibiting anyone other than teachers from delivering content “connected to sexual health education” (Ministry of Education, 2023). This was then codified into law with Bill 137, and became part of the Education Act.

As teachers, we are worried for our students. There has been a lack of clarity about how these rules are to be enacted at the school level. And yet, teachers and students are creative and resilient. We are finding ways even in this climate to support vulnerable students, and to build safety and belonging.

We are interested in learning from other teachers what they are doing to support gender diverse students in this moment and in sharing success stories and possibility models to better equip other teachers and schools to do the same. Across the next year we will host interviews and focus groups with teachers across Saskatchewan who are looking for ways to support gender diverse students. We’ll analyse the data and share it back with the field, hoping to provide possibility models for teachers who feel uncertain about how to support gender diverse students now, and with the goal of increasing safety for gender diverse students across Saskatchewan.