George Gordon First Nation Mîkiwahp Project: Our Learning Story

Researchers: Katherine Oviatt, Amanda Moosemay, Heide Linford, Lana Steiner, Bryan McNabb, Tammy McNab, Lindsey Bear, Alberta-Rose Bear and Sonia Kinequon
June 2022

This project is the first of many hopeful future projects that will set the foundations for redesigning the way students are taught and assessed through a curriculum that begins with Indigenous Ways of Knowing and is responsive to the holistic way that Indigenous children learn. The curriculum outcomes can be found within the holistic teaching and learning will be assessed through a holistic approach rather than an outcome attainment approach that will include learning stories as the foundational data source through the holistic lens of the Circle of Courage.

From this project students will reconnect with their traditional ways of learning by designing and constructing an outdoor learning space (Mîkiwahp) that will enable them to continue with their land-based learning beyond the breadth and scope of this project.

The project will include returning to the cultural teachings and support GGFN’s mission to preserve “…our culture, traditions, values, customs and the spiritual well-being of families and our community.” (Education | George Gordon First Nation, 2020) The multidisciplinary facets of this project will include bringing together Elders and Knowledge Keepers, Artisans, and families through a consultative partnership.

The goal of this project is to re-engage children with learning, with community, and with each other through seeing themselves as architects of their learning.