Breaking Out of the Textbox:
Increasing Outdoor Learning

Researcher: Nicole Turner
October 2021

This research project will consider how often elementary teachers are presently taking their students outside the classroom and then subsequently will work with a small group of educators on integrating more land-based practices. The first piece of data collection will involve a short survey distributed throughout the Greater Saskatoon Catholic School (GSCS) division by email. 

Subsequently, 4-6 elementary educators will be recruited to participate in an action research project with the objective of increasing the frequency that they leave the school with their students and the quality of their experiences outside. Working collaboratively, the group of teachers will consider solutions and supports that would best address the barriers and challenges that inhibit land-based learning in their unique teaching situations. Once a course of action has been decided upon, each educator will be supported in implementing the steps necessary to achieving the goal of increased land-based education.

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