Thank you for helping to imagine and create a sustainable, inspiring future through your donation to the McDowell Foundation. Your gift, no matter the size, helps to lift us all up.

Over the past year we made positive changes by addressing issues that impact a pandemic world through support for a special directed call for research in the classroom during COVID-19. As the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic continually changed, so did the McDowell Foundation as it continues to take steps to help limit community spread by holding virtual events, meetings, and gatherings.

Since 1991, the McDowell Foundation has supported an amazing legacy of teacher-led research with real, immediate, and lasting educational effects funding more than 300 projects.

The McDowell Foundation would gratefully like to thank everyone that contributed to the Foundation through recognized donations and gifts in support for its research programs. You are contributing to the professional growth of the participating teachers and the advancement of teaching and learning practices in schools across our province.

We are deeply grateful to the members of the Project Review Committee for generously contributing their time and expertise, as well as the unwavering support from the provincial Executive and staff of the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation. And, thank you to our Board of Directors who have served our profession over the past year, we thank you for your leadership and commitment to strengthening the McDowell Foundation and its connections with teachers, students, and communities in order to improve outcomes for all learners.

Thank you!

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