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SAEA donates $17,000 for research into visual art education

SAEA donates $17,000 for research into visual art education

October 13, 2017

Visual art teachers see the importance of supporting and promoting quality arts education in the province. The Saskatchewan Art Educators Association, a professional growth network of the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation, has donated $17,000 to the Dr. Stirling McDowell Foundation to support visual art education research in Saskatchewan. This directed gift will provide resources for exploring classroom-based research examining the importance of visual art in PreK-12 classrooms.

The SAEA executive voted unanimously to direct the gift to visual art education research in the province. As teachers, who are also artists, the importance of ensuring all children have access to a quality arts education is reflected in this generous donation.

As part of this year’s Notice of Intent process, a special call for research projects in visual art education will occur. Teachers and other educators interested in pursuing a research project should contact the Foundation for more information and clearly state in their Notice of Intent that their project will focus on visual art education.

The Foundation accepts directed gifts from individuals or organizations to fund research in target areas that fit within the mission and mandate of the Foundation and enhance teaching and learning in the province.

The SAEA executive members included in the photo are: left to right, upper row first: Merv Kuzminski, on computer: Ed Edmonds, Kaleah Balinski, Roberta Ross, Ann Donald, Kellie Bell, Sarah Gerrard, Suzy Schwankes, second lower row: left to right: Lila Kallstrom, Erin Haight, Pam Ollenberger,  and Karen Robinson.