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Using Traditional Aboriginal Teachings and the Leader in Me (7 Habits) Concept to Improve Communication and Technology Skills in the Nehiyawewin Cree Language and Culture Program

Project #243

Norine Tourangeau Sheila Kennedy Lesley Walters


How can we incorporate technology as a way to improve students’ communication skills in a Cree classroom using Traditional Aboriginal Teachings and the Leader in Me concept?

This study will include Aboriginal pedagogy such as the sharing circle and interviews to collect data from Elders, traditional knowledge keepers, community resource members, parents, students and teachers. Their experiences will be valuable to highlighting the importance of Traditional Aboriginal Teachings.  In doing so, interviews will allow the teacher-researchers to talk to, discuss one-on-one and on an individual basis, ways to improve educational practice.

This collaborative research effort will provide examples of Cree instructional practices. Lastly, it is our hope that the findings will serve as a constant reminder that the work of Cree language retention is far from over and that there is much work to be done in this area.

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