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Exploring Students' Relationships to Treaty Through the Treaty4Project

Project #258

Naomi Sara Fortier-Frecon Leia Laing


Treaty 4: The next generation project (also known as Treaty4Project) is an educative project that allows students to explore the idea of treaty citizenship in order to understand the role of their generation in Treaty 4 territory (Saskatchewan) today and in the future.  The project brought together an Elder, a Cree/Metis artist, university professors, activists, education students and several resources into the classroom in order to provide students with a strong foundation of knowledge enabling them to tackle this very complex idea.

This project will explore students’ understandings of themselves as treaty people following participation in a conference aimed at unpacking understandings around treaties. The conference explores treaty citizenship in a number of ways including understanding their own roles and responsibilities in treaty and working with an Indigenous artist to create work inspired by questions of citizenship and treaty.  The project is a learning experience for students and teachers alike and strives to reinforce inclusive viewpoints of Saskatchewan’s history and to promote the development of student perspectives on treaty citizenship.



The next generation/La prochaine génération By Ray Keighley & Regina Public Schools’ students. Photo: Leia Laing