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Research Current Projects Project #300

The Development of Teacher Self-Efficacy to Promote Student Mental Health Through the Support of the School Psychologist

Project #300

Joanne Leitner


Teachers recognize that good mental health is essential for students’ success in school but many feel unprepared to promote mental health in schools. The proposed research will examine the development of teacher self-efficacy to promote student mental health through the support of the school psychologist. Self-efficacy impacts how people will respond to challenges, the effort they will give, and the persistence they will give to a task if they believe they have the ability to respond to the challenge. Therefore, the development of teacher self-efficacy to promote mental health is an important part of any program for improving school mental health.

This is an action research study of elementary school teachers in developing personal action plans to develop their own self-efficacy and then working through a cyclical process of reviewing the plan to examine what is working and changing the plan during the study. The study will involve the researcher, who is a registered psychologist in a school setting, providing education, modeling, and resources to Saskatchewan teachers to assist them in the development of self-efficacy to promote mental health.