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Teacher Induction and Learning Through a Professional Development School: The St. Anne Inquiry-Based Learning Community

Project #227

Michelle Prytula Darren Fradette Bonnie Mihalicz Cari Anning Jayla Irvine Paul McTavish



Inquiry learning is a teaching strategy that places student interest or a question that is posed by the student at the centre of the lesson.  Learning occurs through questioning, exploration, knowledge building and then representing and sharing that knowledge with others.  This project explored how inquiry-based learning could happen in a primary school.

The learning environment takes place at tables and is collaborative. Inquiry-based learning requires a change in teacher disposition; the teachers must have the ability to turn over learning to the student.

The project found that the initial fear teachers expressed about inquiry-based learning quickly turned into excitement. Students of all ages can be curious, capable and competent, and with inquiry-based learning there was much more exploring and hands-on activities involved in the learning. Student engagement improved dramatically.

“Tell me and I will forget.

Show me and I may remember.

Involve me and I will understand.”