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Parent and Caregiver Voices: Exploring the Experiences of Parents and Caregivers Regarding the Education of Their Child


Krista McMillen


Inclusion has been a controversial topic in education for many years. Historically, students with exceptionalities have been segregated into separate schools or programs. In recent decades there has been a movement to inclusive settings. However, many school divisions continue to have congregated programs or schools which often take the child away from their neighborhood schools.

The purpose of this study will be to examine views of parents and caregivers and their perceived successes and challenges with inclusion in school. Parent perception is of considerable importance and can have a dramatic influence on practice. Caregivers are the individuals who ultimately have the most potential to influence the education of the child. Caregivers in urban and rural settings around Saskatchewan will be interviewed regarding their experiences in schools and with community agencies. Specifically, the researcher will be looking for success stories and ways in which these successes might be generalized to other schools and educators to replicate these outcomes for other children.