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Moving Into the 21st Century With Second-Language Learning: iParle français

Project #230

Dana Sanders Tina Anderson


The goal of this research was to use innovative ways to addresses fossilized errors in French immersion classrooms or errors that occur in oral language because of the influence of the first language (in this case primarily English). IPads were used to both help with student engagement in oral learning and to provide a tool to address the ongoing fossilized errors that were the focus of the research.  However, the researchers found that while the apps used on the iPads were useful as supports, the idea of an app became a metaphor for how the classroom learning was structured.  A number of teaching strategies were utilized to enhance classroom instruction including a focus on culture, training, visual, feedback, framework, mini-lessons, conversation and an overall strategy.  A strong focus on oral French and addressing common errors as a class in positive ways resulted in significant reduction in fossilized errors.