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Research Current Projects Project #299

How Does a Teacher Incorporate Place-Based “First Nations Way of Living in Nature” into the Classroom to Teach High School Sciences in a Northern Reserve School?

Project #299

Nadeeka Lekamlage Geraldine Red Iron Dolorace Blackmon


The main purpose of the research is to further explore, recognize, and learn how to incorporate a place-based First Nations way of living in nature into the high school sciences where feasible.

As educators in northern Saskatchewan, we are interested in exploring new trends in high school science education, finding challenges and solutions that we encounter when integrating place based activities into the teaching learning process. We also want to research and identify potential topics in the curricula of high school sciences to incorporate First Nations way of living in nature and to adopt it in teaching and assessment process by communicating with the elders and community members.

The hidden purpose of the research is to motivate First Nations students to learn high school science in a more culturally responsive classroom.