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Research Current Projects Project #301

How Do School Leaders Narrate Their Stories of Practicing Anti-Racist Education?

Project #301

Dr. Verna St. Denis Brenda Green


This study intends to contribute to the body of research and knowledge on school leaders and anti-racist education by conducting a case study of one Canadian school division’s leadership engagement with and practice of anti-racist education.

Beginning sometime after the release of the 2013 Saskatchewan Joint Task Force, which identified racism as a contributing factor in the employment and education of Indigenous people, a group of Saskatoon Public Schools principals and vice-principals came together to form a professional learning/advocacy group and called itself the Social Justice Disposition Committee (Bouvier, 2018). Over time and with senior level administrative support, the professional learning opportunities turned towards exploring anti-racist education theory and practice. Well into the third year of this initiative and with growing participation throughout the organization, this case study seeks to document and further understand lessons to be learned from the trajectory and the possible influence ongoing anti-racist education professional development might have in one school division.

Building upon the recent Indspire Report (Bouvier, 2018) on the Anti-Racism Professional Development initiative by the Saskatoon Public School Division, this study seeks to develop a greater understanding of the personal and administrative processes and practices of school leaders as they internalize and begin to actualize their practice inspired by the knowledge of anti-racist education.