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Fostering a Maker Mindset: Supporting Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century Classroom


Cristyne HĂ©bert Amy Singh Trevor Hlushko Aaron Warner


This project centers on updating pedagogical practices around making, recognizing the need for students to be prepared for success in the 21st century, within the ever changing landscape of our technologically dependent society. In this project, teachers will develop and implement a unit around and making, reflect upon their practice and student learning, and support other educators in the process. The project specifically evaluates: how teachers develop an understanding of making and maker pedagogy as they carry out a unit around making in their classrooms; the challenges and limitations teachers face in using making and fostering maker pedagogy in their classroom practice; in what ways teaching through a school-based maker community of practice impacts how making is taken up in classrooms, and how teachers consider their maker pedagogies; and how student learning supported by incorporating making into the classroom.

This project is important for innovating teaching practices to support 21st century competency development, and supporting teachers in enhancing their pedagogical practices. The project also has the potential to impact student attendance, given connections between participating in making and project-based learning, and increased levels of student engagement. This is especially significant given Regina Public Schools’ Attendance Matters program targeted at student retention.