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Bridging the Professional Learning Gap: Enhancing the Beginning Teacher Experience Through an Induction-By-Mentoring Model

Project #237

Lynn Lemisko Carol Demchuk-Kosolofski Laurie Hellsten-Bzovey


The overall objective of this research was to examine the effectiveness and sustainability of an induction-by-mentoring model of support for beginning teachers. In our mentorship model, the beginning teacher’s classroom was the central focus, with regularly scheduled classroom visits by the mentor providing structure, continuity, relationship building and professional development opportunities.

This pilot project demonstrates that our induction-by-mentoring model offers a promising and effective approach to supporting beginning teachers, but that careful consideration must be given regarding the acquisition of personnel to provide release time for mentors and regarding proximity when matching mentor/mentee pairs in rural school divisions in order to ensure sustainability. We recommend that additional research continue to examine potential models of induction and mentorship across the variety of contexts within Saskatchewan (i.e., rural, urban, remote, northern) and that, ultimately, a provincial strategy be developed.