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Research Current Projects

A Relationship of Harmony and Success: Improving Engagement

Candace Chicilo
Marlyse Barilla
Diana Porter

This research will investigate the link between non-traditional, unconventional, informal communication opportunities with parents and caregivers and parent engagement. The program itself will be the platform to enhance conversations around a child’s progress. Data will be collected through daily attendance, attendance at an enriched after school program, attendance at literacy nights, student conferences, and any…

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Breaking Out of the “Textbox” - Increasing Land-Based Learning

Nicole Turner

Land-based learning is a transformative tool that has the capacity to improve the lives of our students, foster reconciliation, and increase grassroots development. The benefits are so great that all teachers should feel compelled to increase the frequency that they leave the classroom. Presently, however, these experiences remain limited to specialized programs or schools, infrequent…

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Female Leaders and Their Impact on School Culture in Saskatchewan

Amy Korver
Amy Orth

The purpose of this study is to explore the experiences of women in K-12 school administration and learn from their experiences. By focusing on female leadership in Prairie Spirit School Division and Prairie South School Division, we hope to identify trends in female leaders’ experiences and identify barriers women face as they enter into administrative…

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How Do School Leaders Narrate Their Stories of Practicing Anti-Racist Education?

Dr. Verna St. Denis
Brenda Green

This study intends to contribute to the body of research and knowledge on school leaders and anti-racist education by conducting a case study of one Canadian school division’s leadership engagement with and practice of anti-racist education. Beginning sometime after the release of the 2013 Saskatchewan Joint Task Force, which identified racism as a contributing factor…

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The Development of Teacher Self-Efficacy to Promote Student Mental Health Through the Support of the School Psychologist

Joanne Leitner

Teachers recognize that good mental health is essential for students’ success in school but many feel unprepared to promote mental health in schools. The proposed research will examine the development of teacher self-efficacy to promote student mental health through the support of the school psychologist. Self-efficacy impacts how people will respond to challenges, the effort…

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How Does a Teacher Incorporate Place-Based “First Nations Way of Living in Nature” into the Classroom to Teach High School Sciences in a Northern Reserve School?

Nadeeka Lekamlage
Geraldine Red Iron
Dolorace Blackmon

The main purpose of the research is to further explore, recognize, and learn how to incorporate a place-based First Nations way of living in nature into the high school sciences where feasible. As educators in northern Saskatchewan, we are interested in exploring new trends in high school science education, finding challenges and solutions that we…

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Developing Sense of Belonging

Michael Radford
Scott Thompson
Amy Campbell

Dorintosh Central School subscribes to the approach of inclusion for meeting the needs of all students. This requires a student-directed approach focused on student strengths, needs, and interests. In an effort to cultivate a strong sense of belonging with peers, staff, and community members, Dorintosh Central School students developed the Culturally Courageous Land-Based Leadership (CCLL)…

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Student Voice Project to Improve Sense of Belonging in Middle Years’ Classrooms

Chantelle Balicki
Kelli Fredlund

Our project is designed to assist middle years’ teachers (Grades 6 to 9 homerooms) and administrators to learn more about how they can create space for student voice in an effort to improve sense of belonging in their school learning communities. Our research is student-driven. Our students will provide direction through weekly or bi-weekly student…

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Dreaming Bigger: Personalizing Pace, Place and Time

Frazer Donahue
Cheryl Dunits
Jean Fauchon
Shalen Fox
Carlo Hansen
Ramona Stillar
Janet Benoit
Anne Crozier
Shelly Fransoo
Tracie Harty
Nate Jurgens
Roxanne Stynsky

Flexible learning is a principle of practice aimed at increasing the flexibility in the requirements of time and location of study for students. This project explored the experiences of teachers in implementing practices of flexible learning into one high school in Saskatchewan. Each teacher developed course content in their subject area in the Moodle Learning…

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History Underground: The Road to Reconciliation

Denee Repski
Justin Harrison

History Underground: The Road to Reconciliation is a project focused on providing students with an immersive learning experience where connections are made between the historical narratives (both colonial and Indigenous) and the current realities stemming from the legacy of these narratives. As educators, we both felt that there was a lack of genuine engagement from…

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