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Research Current Projects

Dreaming Bigger: Personalizing Pace, Place and Time

Frazer Donahue
Cheryl Dunits
Jean Fauchon
Shalen Fox
Carlo Hansen
Ramona Stillar
Janet Benoit
Anne Crozier
Shelly Fransoo
Tracie Harty
Nate Jurgens
Roxanne Stynsky

Flexible learning is a principle of practice aimed at increasing the flexibility in the requirements of time and location of study for students. This project explored the experiences of teachers in implementing practices of flexible learning into one high school in Saskatchewan. Each teacher developed course content in their subject area in the Moodle Learning…

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History Underground: The Road to Reconciliation

Denee Repski
Justin Harrison

History Underground: The Road to Reconciliation is a project focused on providing students with an immersive learning experience where connections are made between the historical narratives (both colonial and Indigenous) and the current realities stemming from the legacy of these narratives. As educators, we both felt that there was a lack of genuine engagement from…

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Exploring Indigenous Understanding and Reconciliation Through Art

Ann Donald
Roberta Ross
Cornelia Liberte
Linda Wason-Ellam

The main goal of this participatory action research is to explore Indigenous understanding and Reconciliation through creating art. Land-based experiences will be guided by a Métis artist and Elders. Through art-making exercises, Gade 12 students and their teacher-researchers will learn to respect and honour our land and our first peoples in Saskatchewan. Cultural awareness and…

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Promising Practices for Family Engagement

Pam Sawatzky
Amber Thompson
Carly Robson Gilchrist

As three researchers, each from distinct rural communities, we will seek to establish and communicate a host of possible practices that are central to engaging families to support student learning. Our project proposal asks, “What practices offer possibilities for the meaningful engagement of parents?” and seeks as well to understand, “What are the critical elements…

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Exploring Refugee Children's Pre-and Post-Migration Educational Experiences

Dr. Christine Massing
Dr. Daniel Kikulwe
Katerina Nakutnyy

The ongoing war in Syria has led to the recent migration of comparatively large numbers of refugee children and families to Canada. The overall purpose of this study is to examine refugee children’s complex and varied educational experiences in Syria, in transition countries, and in elementary schools in Saskatchewan from their own points of view…

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Using Teacher Collaboration in an Islamic Faith-Based School to Nurture Student and Staff Sense of Belonging

Karl Krug

As Saskatchewan classrooms become increasingly diverse, it is essential that teachers become more culturally aware. This project is an investigation into how teacher collaboration can be used to nurture student and staff sense of belonging in an Islamic faith-based school. Collaboration is a method that includes teachers working together as equals to help students achieve…

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Gathering Strength: Indigenous Mental Health and High School

Susan Greene

Throughout my career as a teacher, I have supported numerous students with various strategies to help them reach the goals they had set for themselves. I have worked primarily in communities with a high percentage of Aboriginal people. Many students are struggling with mental health issues and mental health illnesses that affect all areas of…

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Culture-Based School Mathematics for Reconciliation and Professional Development

Sharon Meyer
Glen Aikenhead
Kelley Cardinal
Danny Sylvestre
Ted View

In Canada’s era of reconciliation, cross-cultural respect through mutual understanding was emphasized by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in its description of reconciliation. It matters how we do things among our three founding nations – Indigenous, English and French. In this project, Indigenous and non-Indigenous researchers will work collaboratively with four non-Indigenous teachers in a…

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Off the Grid: Students Leading Positive, Sustainable Environmental Change

Michael Prebble

Students at Tommy Douglas Collegiate are working towards making their school a net-zero building as well as educating the youth in the community about the benefits of working with clean energy as opposed to the current non-renewable resource-based system. Our research will be focused on working with Grade 9 students from Tommy Douglas in the…

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Building Bridges - Our Youth, the Future “Voices of Unity”

Mel Sysing
Dustin Kasun

This project seeks to support, sustain and investigate ideas of anti-racist/anti-oppressive education to build upon and strengthen the depth of their understanding and continue the work of “I am the Bridge”. Moreover, this project seeks to connect, strengthen and educate both students and staff concerning settler/colonial education…reconciliation.  

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