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Research Completed Projects

Improving Indigenous Students’ Success Through an Analysis and Implementation of Promising Teaching Practices

Terry Craig
Cheryl Treptow

This project outlines the journey of a diverse team of culturally responsive lead learners within a rural school system in Saskatchewan as they attempted to identify perceived barriers to Indigenous student success while designing a framework that endeavoured to align promising practices and initiatives to better support educators.

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History Underground: The Road to Reconciliation

Denee Repski
Justin Harrison

History Underground: The Road to Reconciliation is a project focused on providing students with an immersive learning experience where connections are made between the historical narratives (both colonial and Indigenous) and the current realities stemming from the legacy of these narratives. As educators, we both felt that there was a lack of genuine engagement from…

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Promising Practices for Family Engagement

Pam Sawatzky
Amber Thompson
Carly Robson Gilchrist

As three researchers, each from distinct rural communities, we will seek to establish and communicate a host of possible practices that are central to engaging families to support student learning. Our project proposal asks, “What practices offer possibilities for the meaningful engagement of parents?” and seeks as well to understand, “What are the critical elements…

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Using Teacher Collaboration in an Islamic Faith-Based School to Nurture Student and Staff Sense of Belonging

Kari Krug

As Saskatchewan classrooms become increasingly diverse, it is essential that teachers become more culturally aware. This project is an investigation into how teacher collaboration can be used to nurture student and staff sense of belonging in an Islamic faith-based school. Collaboration is a method that includes teachers working together as equals to help students achieve…

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Culture-Based School Mathematics for Reconciliation and Professional Development

Sharon Meyer
Glen Aikenhead
Kelley Cardinal
Danny Sylvestre
Ted View

In Canada’s era of reconciliation, cross-cultural respect through mutual understanding was emphasized by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in its description of reconciliation. It matters how we do things among our three founding nations – Indigenous, English and French. In this project, Indigenous and non-Indigenous researchers will work collaboratively with four non-Indigenous teachers in a…

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Smooth Transitions: Integrating a High School and Pre-Service Teacher Education Program

Twyla Salm
Lisa Williams
Jennifer Minter

Many teacher education programs have initiated anti-oppressive courses and supported paradigmatic shifts intended to transform teacher education program to focus on social justice issues, yet early childhood teacher education programs continue to be populated with white, middle-class, almost entirely female students. The purpose of this research is to develop a deeper understanding of the challenges…

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The Journey to Reclamation Through Oral Tradition

Dianne Peekeekoot
Charlotte Campbell
Shaun Sasakamoose
Loretta Ballantyne
Irene Dumais

This project follows up on a completed project and examines the impact on students of incorporating Elders into grades 7-9 Cree classes.  The Elders will share stories in Cree to support both language and cultural fluency.  Including Elders in the classroom will allow students to interact with both their peers and adults in traditional ways…

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Catholic School Teachers Enacting Papal Encyclical Laudato si’ (Praise Be To You-On Care For Our Common Home)

Mel Sysing
Dustin Kasun
Dr. Richard Manning
Dr. Brad Harasymchuk

This project draws on both Indigenous knowledge and Catholic doctrine to disrupt settler/colonialist education. The project draws on anti-racist and anti-oppressive education to strengthen understandings of critical pedagogy and provide opportunities for social justice-based action research.

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Exploring Comprehension in Physics

Terry Johanson
Dean Broughton

In this project, the researchers looked toward new trends in learning theory and wondered about the possible impact of comprehension strategies and rich talk on students’ ability to achieve desired outcomes. The researchers also wondered if increased comprehension of subject-specific material would lead students toward a more positive perception of science.

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High School Teachers Working Towards Reconciliation: Examining the Teaching and Learning of Residential Schools

Dr. Tana Mitchell
Dr. Jennifer Tupper

Responding to the Call for Action in the Truth and Reconciliation (TRC) report, this project will explore how teachers integrate and teach about residential schools, how students make sense of themselves as Canadians as they learn about the history and legacy of residential schools and how classrooms can become a space for reconciliation.

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