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Their Voices: What High School Students are Saying About School-Related Anxiety

Jenn de Lugt
Jenn Wiens

The purpose of this study is to further our understanding of anxiety as experienced by Grade 10 students in one high school in a mid-sized city in southern Saskatchewan. Through this initial study a better understanding is sought of the types of anxieties experienced by high school students, how it affects them, how they cope…

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Exploring Experiences of Educators of Students With Bipolar Diagnoses

Erin Richard

The purpose of this study is to explore how support can be provided to educators in understanding how to incorporate strategies to diagnosed bipolar students. As educators, teachers are not able to diagnose a student with a medical condition; however, they are required to educate all students to the best of their abilities. By exploring…

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Developing Physical Literacy in Children and Youth: Opening the Door to a Lifetime of Physical Activity

Cole Wilson

This project explores ways teachers can come together as a community of learners to explore effective ways to promote physical literacy in children. Physical literacy is a key component of the physical education curriculum. Children with high levels of physical literacy have been shown to have higher perceptions of competence, self-worth and overall fitness.

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Learning From Finnish Educators: Engaging With Innovative Ideas Around Pedagogy, Student Assessment, Curriculum Implementation and Indigenous Education in a Country That Values Teacher Professionalism

Paul Orlowski

Education is a global community and opportunities to learn from other educators must not be overlooked. This research project¬† explores what changes, if any, occurred in the thinking of participating educators on topics such as student assessment, curriculum implementation, literacy and numeracy pedagogy, Indigenous education and special education after learning from Finnish educators.¬† Participants were…

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