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Research Completed Projects

Developing a Collaborative, Intellectually Engaged Team to Support Reading Comprehension

Davin Hildebrand
Cheryl Treptow
Andrea Pearson
Michelle Hildebrand
Daryl Pearson

Collaboration, intellectual engagement and reading comprehension instruction are merged in this project as a team of teachers in a single school explore how a focused collaborative team can impact student learning. The team found that to impact student learning a holistic view of reading comprehension, time, teacher autonomy, professionally led professional development and collaboration through…

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Early Education Reading Intervention for ELL Students

Diana Jemieff
Barb Ludba
Corey Holowachuk

This study examines and attempts to develop best practices in reading interventions for English language learners (ELLs). The project focused on primary grades (1-3) and looked at strategies teachers could use to support ELL students. The research included developing effective strategies, collaborative professional work time, the importance of one-on-one time with ELL students and the…

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Effect of Daily Math Home Practice on Automaticity of Basic Math Facts

Bing Cui
Tammy Boychuk

This research project used a qualitative approach to investigate whether the practicing of basic mathematical facts at home improves automaticity, fluency and accuracy. Number talks were used in this project to increase number sense and connections, mathematical thinking and reasoning, and different mental mathematical and computational skills. There is evidence in the literature that practice…

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Bridging the Professional Learning Gap: Enhancing the Beginning Teacher Experience Through an Induction-By-Mentoring Model

Lynn Lemisko
Carol Demchuk-Kosolofski
Laurie Hellsten-Bzovey

The overall objective of this research was to examine the effectiveness and sustainability of an induction-by-mentoring model of support for beginning teachers. In our mentorship model, the beginning teacher’s classroom was the central focus, with regularly scheduled classroom visits by the mentor providing structure, continuity, relationship building and professional development opportunities. This pilot project demonstrates…

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Moving Into the 21st Century With Second-Language Learning: iParle français

Dana Sanders
Tina Anderson

The goal of this research was to use innovative ways to addresses fossilized errors in French immersion classrooms or errors that occur in oral language because of the influence of the first language (in this case primarily English). IPads were used to both help with student engagement in oral learning and to provide a tool…

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Effectively Supporting the Professional Development and Growth of Teachers

Susan Plant
Jennifer Dorval

Learning coaches are privileged to have a place within the school system.  Learning coaches operate under three “C’s”: consultation, collaboration and coaching. This research project involved two experienced teachers, one beginning teacher and the two learning coaches who explored the impact learning coaches could have on teaching and learning in a school division. Throughout the research the…

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Teacher Induction and Learning Through a Professional Development School: The St. Anne Inquiry-Based Learning Community

Michelle Prytula
Darren Fradette
Bonnie Mihalicz
Cari Anning
Jayla Irvine
Paul McTavish

  Inquiry learning is a teaching strategy that places student interest or a question that is posed by the student at the centre of the lesson.  Learning occurs through questioning, exploration, knowledge building and then representing and sharing that knowledge with others.  This project explored how inquiry-based learning could happen in a primary school. The…

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Sustainable Successful Teacher Induction: From Praxis to Practice

Michelle Prytula
Archibald Courtney
Jason Benson
Kent Gauthier
Laurie Hellsten
Christine Makahonuk
Bonnie Mihalicz
Michael Pesenti
Nicole Syrota

This study explored the effectiveness of the professional learning community model for teacher induction. The three major themes found were that the PLC provided a sustained opportunity for learning at various stages of teacher development; the structure and goals of the PLC affected participants’ motivation and ability to learn and to mentor; and the model’s…

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Creating a Culturally Responsive Learning Program That Benefits All Learners: Exploring the Work of Catalyst Leadership Teams in Selected Saskatchewan Schools

Brandon Needham
Dr. Michael Cottrell

This inquiry explores the efforts of selected educators to transform schools into more invitational and culturally affirming learning environments as a means of improving Aboriginal student achievement and enhancing cross-cultural harmony in Saskatchewan. In addition to enhancing teaching and learning in K-12 contexts, the project also considers how insights from this research might inform teacher…

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Time, Pace, Place: Using Flexible Design and Delivery to Support Learners

Ramona Stillar
Frazer Donahue
Cheryl Dunits
Jean Fauchon
Shalen Fox
Carlo Hansen

This collaborative inquiry will explore how adjusting space, time or place of learning can support students in acquiring high school credits. The project will use distance learning along with face-to-face teaching to adjust for time, space and place.

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