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Research Indigenous Education

History Underground: The Road to Reconciliation

Denee Repski
Justin Harrison

History Underground: The Road to Reconciliation is a project focused on providing students with an immersive learning experience where connections are made between the historical narratives (both colonial and Indigenous) and the current realities stemming from the legacy of these narratives. As educators, we both felt that there was a lack of genuine engagement from…

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Exploring Indigenous Understanding and Reconciliation Through Art

Ann Donald
Roberta Ross
Cornelia Liberte
Linda Wason-Ellam

The main goal of this participatory action research is to explore Indigenous understanding and Reconciliation through creating art. Land-based experiences will be guided by a Métis artist and Elders. Through art-making exercises, Gade 12 students and their teacher-researchers will learn to respect and honour our land and our first peoples in Saskatchewan. Cultural awareness and…

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Culture-Based School Mathematics for Reconciliation and Professional Development

Sharon Meyer
Glen Aikenhead
Kelley Cardinal
Danny Sylvestre
Ted View

In Canada’s era of reconciliation, cross-cultural respect through mutual understanding was emphasized by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in its description of reconciliation. It matters how we do things among our three founding nations – Indigenous, English and French. In this project, Indigenous and non-Indigenous researchers will work collaboratively with four non-Indigenous teachers in a…

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Saskatchewan French Immersion School: A Case Study in Best Practice for Aboriginal Students

Michael Cottrell
Ted View
Suzanne Bronkhurst
Kelly Cardinal

Responding to the needs of Indigenous learners to ensure more equitable outcomes in the education system is a pressing issue within the province. This project is a case study exploring the success of Indigenous students at a French emersion school in the province where the majority of Indigenous students are performing at or above grade…

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Language Loss: A Deformity in Education

Belinda Daniels

This is an investigation of how the learning and teaching practices of Indigenous ways of knowing and being, through informal learning on the land during summer camps, can inform mainstream education. The language camp is a playground of learning, speaking , knowing and doing which honours the spirit, body, mind and emotion of those who…

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Revitalizing Nêhiyawewin: Our Language, Stories and Perspectives

Gail Mackay
Linda Wason-Ellam
Darlene Arcand
Pamela Fosseneuve
Coreen Sakebow
Dwayne Swiftwolfe

This research project aims to explore the development of storytelling curricula grounded in Nêhiyaw language and knowledge at a school in Saskatoon. Working with visiting Elders who are story keepers, Cree immersion speakers in grades 1-3 will listen to Elder stories and participate in a number of oral language storying activities in Cree. Indigenous storytelling…

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The Muskrat/Wuchusk Project: The Practices

Renee Carriere
Bonnie Werner

This project builds on a recently completed project and continues to examine how to connect curriculum content and Ministry outcomes with Indigenous science and ways of knowing in secondary science courses.  The study integrates local community knowledge, scientific data collection and Indigenous and Western ways of knowing in ways that engage students in meaningful, outdoor…

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The Journey to Reclamation Through Oral Tradition

Dianne Peekeekoot
Charlotte Campbell
Shaun Sasakamoose
Loretta Ballantyne
Irene Dumais

This project follows up on a completed project and examines the impact on students of incorporating Elders into grades 7-9 Cree classes.  The Elders will share stories in Cree to support both language and cultural fluency.  Including Elders in the classroom will allow students to interact with both their peers and adults in traditional ways…

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Catholic School Teachers Enacting Papal Encyclical Laudato si’ (Praise Be To You-On Care For Our Common Home)

Mel Sysing
Dustin Kasun
Dr. Richard Manning
Dr. Brad Harasymchuk

This project draws on both Indigenous knowledge and Catholic doctrine to disrupt settler/colonialist education. The project draws on anti-racist and anti-oppressive education to strengthen understandings of critical pedagogy and provide opportunities for social justice-based action research.

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High School Teachers Working Towards Reconciliation: Examining the Teaching and Learning of Residential Schools

Dr. Tana Mitchell
Dr. Jennifer Tupper

Responding to the Call for Action in the Truth and Reconciliation (TRC) report, this project will explore how teachers integrate and teach about residential schools, how students make sense of themselves as Canadians as they learn about the history and legacy of residential schools and how classrooms can become a space for reconciliation.

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