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Research Inclusive Education and English as an Additional Language

Parent and Caregiver Voices: Exploring the Experiences of Parents and Caregivers Regarding the Education of Their Child

Krista McMillen

Inclusion has been a controversial topic in education for many years. Historically, students with exceptionalities have been segregated into separate schools or programs. In recent decades there has been a movement to inclusive settings. However, many school divisions continue to have congregated programs or schools which often take the child away from their neighborhood schools….

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Early Education Reading Intervention for ELL Students

Diana Jemieff
Barb Ludba
Corey Holowachuk

This study examines and attempts to develop best practices in reading interventions for English language learners (ELLs). The project focused on primary grades (1-3) and looked at strategies teachers could use to support ELL students. The research included developing effective strategies, collaborative professional work time, the importance of one-on-one time with ELL students and the…

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Time, Pace, Place: Using Flexible Design and Delivery to Support Learners

Ramona Stillar
Frazer Donahue
Cheryl Dunits
Jean Fauchon
Shalen Fox
Carlo Hansen

This collaborative inquiry will explore how adjusting space, time or place of learning can support students in acquiring high school credits. The project will use distance learning along with face-to-face teaching to adjust for time, space and place.

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Exploring a Collaborative Unit Review Strategy as an Ecological Approach to Consultation

Tammy Ferguson

The overall purpose of the research is to explore a collaborative ecological approach to the intervention implementation stage of consultation between a psychologist working in schools and a classroom teacher. By exploring a collaborative unit plan review as a strategy for implementing an ecological approach model of consultation within schools, collaboration can be encouraged.

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Exploring Experiences of Educators of Students With Bipolar Diagnoses

Erin Richard

The purpose of this study is to explore how support can be provided to educators in understanding how to incorporate strategies to diagnosed bipolar students. As educators, teachers are not able to diagnose a student with a medical condition; however, they are required to educate all students to the best of their abilities. By exploring…

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