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Exploring Indigenous Understanding and Reconciliation Through Art

Ann Donald
Roberta Ross
Cornelia Liberte
Linda Wason-Ellam

The main goal of this participatory action research is to explore Indigenous understanding and Reconciliation through creating art. Land-based experiences will be guided by a MĂ©tis artist and Elders. Through art-making exercises, Gade 12 students and their teacher-researchers will learn to respect and honour our land and our first peoples in Saskatchewan. Cultural awareness and…

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Exploring Visual Literacy: Secondary Teacher Reflections on how Visual Literacy Impacts Adolescent Learning

Lois Keller
Karon Guttormson
Jacqueline Helman

This action research project aimed to explore how teaching visual literacy would impact teaching and learning. Teachers and consultants worked collaboratively to explore how visual literacy could be incorporated into the classroom. This project recognized the historical privileging of print-based media and recognized that multiple forms of texts are increasingly prevalent in their students’ worlds…

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