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News Release – McDowell Board of Directors Reallocates Education Research Funding

August 20, 2018

The McDowell Foundation Board of Directors has approved the reallocation of funding to support two additional teacher-led research projects, set to begin in Regina and the South East Cornerstone School Division this fall. These will replace another project that is no longer able to move forward.

The decision was made as a result of the unexpected death of Susan Greene, one of our teacher-researchers from the La Ronge community. Susan had been approved for research funding to lead a mental health research project called Gathering Strength: Indigenous Mental Health and High School. As the sole researcher, her project is not able to move forward.

“We would like to extend our condolences to the entire community of La Ronge on this tragic loss,” says Ellen Whiteman, Manager of the McDowell Foundation. “Susan was a respected teacher and leader in the community, and a passionate mental health advocate. She will be greatly missed.”

Her research project would have examined the impact of a locally developed mental health course she was planning to offer to her students in Northern Saskatchewan this fall.

“What makes this tragedy even more profound is that Susan’s work in this area will not be continuing,” says Whiteman, adding that the Foundation has a long history of supporting research projects throughout the province, including Northern Saskatchewan.

One of the new projects approved for funding will examine the impact of mental health programs on students in the Regina area. The other project will look at the impact of online education resources for English as an additional language students located in rural areas.

The revised list of 2018-19 projects approved for funding are:

  • Preliminary Steps: Investigating the Potential of Two Proactive School-Based Mental Health Programs in Saskatchewan (Regina)
  • Pursuing Best Practice with Rural EAL Students in the Online Classroom (South East Cornerstone School Division)
  • Culture-Based School Mathematics for Reconciliation and Professional Development (North East School Division)
  • Using Teacher Collaboration in an Islamic Faith-Based School to Nurture Student and Staff Sense of Belonging (Regina)
  • Exploring Refugee Children’s Pre- and Post-Migration Educational Experiences (Regina)
  • History Underground: The Road to Reconciliation (Regina)
  • Promising Practices for Family Engagement (Sun West School Division)
  • Exploring Indigenous Understanding and Reconciliation Through Art (Saskatoon)

For more information, please visit the McDowell Foundation website. If you would like to speak with one of the researchers, please contact the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation Communications Unit for assistance.