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Notice of Intent 2021-22 Funding

Notice of Intent 2021-22 Funding

October 6, 2020

The McDowell Foundation is inviting PreK-12 teachers and other educators to submit a Notice of Intent
to begin the grant application process for research projects funded in the 2021-22 school year.  Foundation grants provide funding, guidance, and release time to support recipients’ project goals and activities.

Prior research experience is not necessary. The Notice of Intent and overall application process assists
applicants in developing a meaningful and achievable research project which supports professional
development through reflective practice. Grants totaling $63,000 are available.

The McDowell Foundation provides research grants to explore new and innovative ways to best meet the
educational needs of students in Saskatchewan. A range of topics have been funded over the past
29 years and can be reviewed in the Research section.

Notice of Intent Requirements

A completed Notice of Intent shall include the following:

  1.  Applicant(s)
    • Project leader’s name, address, phone number, and email.
    • Project team members’ names, phone numbers, and emails.
  2. Applicant Employer
    • School, university, or other.
  3. Describe What You Intend to Study and Why
    • Provide a 100- to 200-word summary.
  4. Research Experience
    • New, novice, or skilled researcher.

The Notice of Intent should be emailed to by the November 30, 2020 deadline. The Notice of Intent can be submitted orally if the research team prefers. Please contact the Foundation for further details.

Grant Application Process

  1. Submit a Notice of Intent by November 30, 2020.
  2. Applicants are invited to participate in a grant proposal development workshop in December 2020.
  3. Applicants develop a draft grant proposal for review by February 1, 2021.
  4. Applicants may revise the draft grant proposal based on the feedback and advice received and shall submit a final grant proposal by April 19, 2021.