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Available Grants

Research Grants

The McDowell Foundation invites applications on an annual basis in support of research that contributes to teaching and learning in the context of the publicly funded PreK-12 education system. Research that focuses on the unique context of teaching and learning within the local context of Saskatchewan is privileged.

The total amount awarded each year is determined by the Board of Directors. Applications for large and small grants will be considered; however, the maximum grant award for any one research project per year will be $20,000. Multi-year projects are considered by the Project Review Committee but must be reapplied for and re-evaluated for recommendation each year of the project. The Project Review Committee is an advisory committee, the majority of who are teachers and also includes academic experts in the area of teaching and learning.

The Foundation provides research grants to teachers and other educators exploring new and innovative ways to best meet the educational needs of students in Saskatchewan. A range of topics have been funded over the past 25 years and can be reviewed on the current projects and completed projects pages. Formal research experience is not necessary. Foundation staff will work with teachers and other educators in the development of the application.

The Foundation’s primary goal is not to fund research required for the completion of Master’s or doctoral programs and will not fund tuition-related costs. However, research undertaken contributing to formal education that fits within the Foundation’s criteria as contributing practical knowledge to teaching and learning that can be disseminated to other teachers will be considered for funding.

The Foundation does not fund research into teaching and learning for the purpose of instruction and related processes such as curriculum development, program evaluation and piloting of teaching resources. Other agencies are responsible for funding this work.

How to Apply

The process begins with a Notice of Intent due in the fall of each school year. A research grant application is provided to applicants once a Notice of Intent is received by the Foundation and an invitation will be issued to grant writing workshops. A first draft of the application is submitted to the Project Review Committee in January for feedback. The final application is required in April and grants are awarded in June.

The Research Awards Guide was created as a resource to be used in developing an application and outlines in more detail the research criteria. All grant applications are adjudicated by an independent Project Review Committee comprised primarily of teachers.

For more information or examples of projects please see our current and completed projects or contact us.