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Do you remember your life-changing teaching moment?

March 25, 2020

Did you have a teacher or a research project that continued to inspire and structure your teaching career? At the McDowell Foundation, we want to continue to inspire and support many worthwhile research projects, just like those that changed your life.

Our projects and activities are student-centred and relevant to successful instruction in today’s classrooms. Teachers are doing research every single day. This year we have had an amazing group of research projects. Topics this past year include Early Years Education, Fine Arts, Inclusive Education, English as an Additional Language, Indigenous Education, Literacy and Language Arts, Mathematics and Science, Physical Education and Health, Social Justice and Equity, Teaching and Learning, and Technology and Education. If you would like to check out our current projects, please go to our website at .

Current and completed research projects represent countless hours of dedicated research by teachers and other educators in Saskatchewan. Have you ever thought of supporting the future of education for our children by giving to the McDowell Foundation through a Legacy Gift?

Simply stated, Legacy Giving is honouring a loved one by using the value of your donation dollars, small and large, to help make a difference with the McDowell Foundation in your will. Legacy Giving is people. People like you who want to and are making a difference in the world. People like you who would want to leave a legacy you will never see, but will help add “tomorrows” for our future Saskatchewan students. Is the McDowell Foundation already in your will? Thank you! Please let us know about your plans as it helps the Foundation plan for the future.

So what does your legacy look like? Have you ever wondered if you could provide a legacy with life insurance you no longer need? Many smart and forward thinking people buy life insurance to protect their family members. However, as life changes, so does your family and your life insurance needs. Next thing you know you have more coverage than you need. Did I just describe you? Did you know that if you are carrying a fully paid life insurance policy that your family no longer needs, you could donate it to the McDowell Foundation?

When you make a gift of life insurance, you will support our mission by enriching teaching and learning by supporting professionally led research. You will receive an immediate charitable tax receipt and help reduce estate taxes for your heirs while it costs you nothing in your lifetime. You can change your mind or revoke it at any time, and it allows you to be more generous than you ever thought.

It is easy to arrange and straight forward to see why this giving strategy is gaining popularity. It is a win-win situation as each gift makes a difference. Let your love of education become a part of your legacy as each legacy gift continues to be a transformative gift for our future students.

If you would like more tools for your Legacy Planning, our website offers some guidance. Visit . For gifts of a more complex nature, we highly recommend always having conversations with your family, lawyer, financial advisor, or accountant. If you have any questions, want to talk about our Legacy Society, or would like to know more about remaining anonymous, you can reach me 306-373-1660 or by email at We will be happy to help you every step of the way. Leave your mark on the future and start being remembered today! – CO