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McDowell Research Salon Series

McDowell Research Salon Series

McDowell Research Salon Series

January 29, 2018

The Salon series is designed to provide research teams with an additional way to disseminate their research.  The salons or round table discussions will take place in communities across Saskatchewan and offer research teams the opportunity to partner up with other local stakeholders to both share their research findings and explore next steps or implementation strategies.

Around the Campfire: Stories of miyo-pimātsiwin (the good life)

Around the Campfire: Stories of miyo-pimātsiwin (the good life)

April 4, 2018

The second McDowell Salon Series will take place in Prince Albert on Tuesday, April 24 at 7 p.m. at Par Place (located on Highway 3 just west of the city). The conversation will include: Elder Wilma Felix-Schreder, Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation; Renée Carrière, Teacher, Charlebois Community School in Cumberland House; Leda Corrigal, Consultant, Northern Lights School Division; and Pauline McKay, Provincial Facilitator and Aboriginal Liaison for Following Their Voices.

Through a roundtable discussion, Carrière will be sharing results from her research project, funded by the McDowell Foundation. The project, entitled The Muskrat/Wuchusk Project, focuses on how to connect curriculum content and Ministry outcomes with Indigenous science and ways of knowing in secondary science courses. Carrière’s study integrates local community knowledge, scientific data collection, and Indigenous and Western ways of knowing in ways that engage students in meaningful, land-based education.

The Salon Series is designed to provide research teams with an opportunity to share their research and to engage community stakeholders in ongoing conversations about next steps. The McDowell Foundation has provided close to $2 million in funding for a total of more than 283 teacher-led research projects for the benefit of Saskatchewan students.

McDowell Salon Series Conversations: Exploring School-Related Anxiety Among High School Students

November 2, 2017

“There really aren’t times that I don’t experience anxiety. For me personally, it’s a constant issue when I’m at school.” -Student participant

“I experience anxiety at school on a daily basis I would say . . . There’s almost always this knot I feel in my stomach when I’m at school.” -Student participant

For researchers Dr. Jennifer de Lugt and Jennifer Chan, the need to provide high school students a voice in relation to school-related anxiety compelled them to develop their research project. Funded by the McDowell Foundation, the purpose of the project was to further the understanding of school-related anxiety as well as how these anxieties can be mitigated.

The project took place in the community of Moose Jaw and included both confidential journal entries and focus groups aimed at getting students to share not only their experience with school-related anxiety, but how their teachers could help.

For de Lugt and Chan, the importance of talking with students about school-related anxiety and providing the student a space to talk openly was an important starting point in supporting youth mental health.